Contributions to the workshop will include both oral and poster presentations. The Scientific Program Committee is in charge of the program of presentations. The submission of the contributions by team leaders is now closed.

Poster supplementary material upload

Posters will be presented in parallel interactive sessions, during which each presenter is free to show anything by screen sharing, in order to take full advantage of on-line presentations and discussions. To let newcomers understand the topic of a “poster” session without interrupting the ongoing discussion, poster presenters can optionally upload short materials so that other participants can download and read quickly during the poster session.

Until September 12, 2021, each poster presenter can optionally upload any short document for a quick introduction of the topic, which could be the one page poster teaser slide, or a true poster file, in PDF format, following the upload instructions received by email. Please use a file name staring with the poster code indicated in the poster listing of the workshop program (

Example of file name: PA01_abcd.pdf, where “abcd” is the poster title so that other participants can easily identify the poster. Long file names should be OK. If the system refuses a too long file name, please truncate part of your poster title.

Please do not upload anything containing confidential information, since the uploaded files will be directly accessible from the workshop program displayed on the ERNSI 2021 web pages. By uploading any file, you accept to make it publicly accessible. If you use your poster teaser slide for this purpose, please upload it to make it publicly accessible.

To update an uploaded file, please upload again following the same link with the same file name, before the deadline.

Poster teaser slide (one page for one minute presentation)

Poster presenters are asked to send their one page poster teaser slide (which is mandatory) by naming the file in the format as PA01.pdf, before September 9.

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